In the beginning!
21 years ago, I was introduced to a young man (15) who perceived negative recognition better than a life with no recognition. His name was Richard. He refused to do most anything asked of him with his single mom or school personnel. Richard had poor grades and “friends” of question. He glanced at a picture of an airplane on my office wall and asked “what is it like to fly”? S.O.A.R.I.N.G. inc. was born! If you understand the idea, why not approach therapy from an indirect perspective that includes community, aviation, “fun”, and positive recognition!

Richard is 36 years old now and I hear doing well with his family
and a secure job. He learned to use aviation both as a fun metaphor
for his life and as a reward for better grades, better friends,
and better mood with a “cool” airplane flight.

We are approaching one thousand (1000) kids who have graduated
in our program. A child with a mom going thru chemotherapy to a
young boy being bullied at school. Divorce, single parenting,
and blended family issues have been addressed and overcome.
S.O.A.R.I.N.G. inc. provides the airplane, pilot, ceremony, and flight
at no cost to these families but our kids have to earn their wings
by what they have accomplished on the ground.

Founder, Joe McCarron